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Vacuum bags with excellent mechanical strength, gloss and transparency. Composed of PA / PE.

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The vacuum bags for packing is available in different measures for the client to have more options to choose according to vacuum machine.

This vacuum bags are developed for bell packaging machine.

Characteristics of vacuum bags:

  • Optimum soldability.
  • Barrier to oxygen and water vapor.
  • Good transparency and gloss.
  • Excellent mechanical strength.
  • New: Cooking capacity 41º to 70ºC for up to 2 hours - From 71º to 100º pair up to 15 min

Vacuum packaging has a vital importance in food preservation. It prevent the oxidation and the nutrients and minerals loss.

When the food are vacuum packed, we get an oxygen free atmosphere. With this, the bacterias and fungi have a delay for survive allowing longer life of the product.

This method can be supplemented with other modes of preservation like freezing or refrigeration.


Data sheet

Thickness / Width
90 microns
Cooking Time
From 41 ° to 70 ° C up to 2 hours - From 71º to 100º pair up to 15 min
Storage Time
Food Safety
Free from Bisfenol-A (BPA)

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