Luxos Packaging born as specific company for distribution of packaging products for the food sector oriented to professionals, distributors and home use. With a large experience in the sector, now we offer our online plataform to connect with our clients.

Luxos Packaging offer packaging for protect the food and cooking with them mixing the esthetic and food tecnology. We offer solutions to the most important steps of chefs, restaurants and home use.

Our company select the best trending products. For this, we continuously research to satisfy the packaging requirements.


Our most important value is the customer service and the work well done. To get it, we work with first class production processes offering guarantee of Food Security with officials certificates:

If you're a particular

He have an extensive catalog of products on our site classified like Home Use.

If you're a professional

For all the professional customers we have whole catalog of products classifieds like Professional Use where you can find all the products that you need.

If you want to become a dealer

We have an special catalog for all the dealers with all products with wholesale quantity perfect for distribution.