Domestic cooking vacuum bag

Bolsa vacío doméstica de cocción, 200 x 300 mm, 20 unidades
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Bags for low-temperature cooking at home, easily and intuitively.

Measurements: 200 x 300 mm

Quantity: 20 units


Embossed vacuum bags for low-temperature cooking at home, easily and intuitively. Compatible with external suction machines.

One of the two faces is embossed for optimal vacuum extraction. European product. Food safety.

It is the solution for those who want to enter the world of sous vide cooking at home. Thermal resistance: maximum 121º - 1 hour (the lower the temperature, the longer).

Luxos Packaging vacuum bags are developed for external suction machines, it is for this reason that one of the faces of the bag is embossed (rough) since in this way a correct vacuum is obtained without causing problems with the machine. If we used a vacuum bag without embossing, the machine could not suck in all the air and make the vacuum correctly.

Caractéristiques des sacs sous vide:

  • Optimal weldability.
  • Barrier to oxygen and water vapor.
  • Good transparency.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance.

A330754COC 20

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Units per Box/Package
100 units

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